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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Impending Energy Crisis

Oil at $150.00 a barrel, gasoline at $6.00 a gallon or more...this will be a "full blown energy crisis," according to one NBC News analyst. As I wrote to Dan this morning the way it looks we may have taken our last airline flight for a long time. American Airlines in now going to charge for checked bags and oil keeps going up and up. The airlines will have to raise fares drastically to keep up with rising fuel costs. Last night on the NBC evening news analysts predicted gasoline will be $6.00 a gallon by the end of the summer and may even go to $12.00 a gallon in the near future! Small cars are now (finally) becoming in demand. Some analysts think that the rising cost of oil will filter down into everything we buy and cause an economic crisis. WOW...where does it all end?


PHOTO: Dan booked us into two beautiful Paradors during our recent trip to Spain. Paradors are Spain's official chain of luxury hotels usually situated in historic structures. This one in Santiago de Compostela is a large former dormatory for pilgrims that has four beautiful interior courtyards.

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