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Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay Marriage Legal In California

"the California Supreme Court may have created a laboratory to test once and for
all just how powerful this issue really is"
- news analyst Adam Nagourney in the New York Times.

We returned home from Spain (where we could have legally married each other) to the wonderful news that the California Supreme Court ruled that the state's ban on gay marriages is unconstitutional. Now we'll have to see if the ruling stands or if the anti-gay marriage forces are able to pass a constitutional amendment which would trump the ruling. To his great credit, the governor, Mr. Schwarzenegger is publicly on record as opposing the amendment. Meanwhile the effect of the ruling on the presidential campaign is being pondered by the pundits. It's too bad that neither Mr. Obama nor Mrs. Clinton are prepared to do the right thing and support gay marriage. So much for courage and leadership, attributes which once again finish second place to political calculations.


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