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Friday, May 23, 2008

Ellen DeGeneres Pressures McCain On Marriage Equality

Ellen has really become one of my heroes recently. I was really touched when she used her national TV show to plea for the lives of young gays and lesbians after the murder of Lawrence King. Now she is putting it to John McCain on the issue of marriage equality, making the case personally and publicly that McCain's position is wrong. Good for her!

It's the Memorial Day holiday and the unofficial beginning of summer, and gas prices are, of course, off the charts. I was driving on Long Island yesterday, and regular gas is selling for $4.05 a gallon. Meanwhile, oil company profits are also off the charts. When will the American people say "Enough!"

On the political front, it seems as though Mrs. Clinton has once again returned to the nasty type of campaigning against Obama that some had thought she had moderated recently. Mrs. Clinton has no support with the left wing of the Democratic Party or the blogosphere. She is widely thought to be on a campaign to destroy Obama in the hope that he will lost the election and she can then be in a position to run in 2012. This is pretty sour stuff but Mrs. Clinton doesn't seem to care how she is thought of.


PHOTO: Another of the beautiful courtyards at the Parador in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

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