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Friday, August 3, 2007

Build Schools, Then Bridges, Not Bombs!

The annual Cherry Grove Art Show was held at the community house last weekend. This event gives local artists a chance to showcase their work and it is usually very well attended. Here's a photo of our friend Michael and his paintings on display at the show.

The horrific bridge collapse in Minneapolis is an indication of the deteriorating state of the infrastructure of this country, but it's not an isolated incident. Rather, it's just the latest example of how we're letting our own country disintegrate while spending billions of dollars every month in Iraq. The steam pipe explosion in New York City recently shed a lot of light on that city's aging infrastructure. Now we learn that we have 756 bridges in this country (truss bridges) that are similar to the one that collapsed in the Midwest. Bridges and pipes are important, but how will we ever get to them when we've let our children down with sub-standard schools? Our nation's priorities are dead wrong. Our oil driven greed is coming home to bite us. Look for more of these tragic incidents in the coming years.


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