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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bush's Revisionist History Of The Vietnam War

Bush is now trying to use the Vietnam War as a case in point of why we should "stay the course" in Iraq. However, I'm old enough to remember what Vietnam was - a hard lesson on the reasons for NOT intervening in someone else's civil war. We were supposed to have learned from our mistakes there, and not to have repeated them - but that's exactly what Bush & Co. are doing in Iraq: repeating the mistakes of Vietnam. By invoking the Vietnam War, Bush is counting on the short memory span (or the outright stupidity) of much of the American populace. Unfortunately, this tactic might just work with some who don't know the history of the Vietnam experience.

Here's a photo of the "Burma Road," the unpaved path through many parts of the center of Fire Island. This stretch leads from the "Sunken Forest" to the Point O' Woods hamlet which can be seen in the distance (click on the photo to enlarge it. )


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