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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Merv Griffin: A Failure As A Human Being

Dan captures a typical beach scene on Fire Island in this colorful painting.

Up until now, we've been fortunate so far this year in terms of tropical storms. "Dean," which is now threatening the Caribbean and the Gulf, is the first big storm of the season. Even though the storm is far away, the surf here on Fire Island is already rough.

In the news: Merv Griffin is outed posthumously by a Hollywood reporter. Griffin's sexuality was known for years in spite of his refusal to come out. He could have used his influence and his wealth, thought to be approaching a billion dollars, to help in the fight against AIDS and the struggle for gay civil rights. Instead, he chose to befriend the likes of Ronald Reagan and to remain firmly closeted. He was a collaborator in his own oppression, and his failure to join in the struggle for social justice for gays was a moral failure on his part. He stood by and did nothing when he could have helped immensely. As one observer puts it: he was a failure a a human being. I have to agree.


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