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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Is Barney Frank Smoking?

From The News Observer (

"Democratic Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, one of two openly gay
of Congress, chided Craig for hypocrisy but said there was no need for
to resign now.
"It's not an abuse of his office in the sense that he was
taking money for corrupt votes," said Frank, D-Mass. "I think people should
resign when they have clearly done the job in a way that is dishonest.'"

Barney, are you nuts? This closeted creep has voted against the interests of gays and lesbians every single time, all the while he has been out there soliciting men for sex in bathrooms. He is a CLOSETED BIGOT! He is DISHONEST TO HIS CORE! Are you ready to give him a pass just because you too were once closeted and got caught? You came clean, Barney, but this detestable low life is out there holding new conferences proclaiming "I AM NOT GAY!" No, you just like to suck cock, right, Senator? Come on Barney, this sad excuse for a human being has to go NOW.

PHOTO: Point O' Woods Railroad - they use it to carry goods back and forth from the ferry terminal and the downtown. I've never seen it actually running - maybe some day.


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Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad when "one of our own" will stand up for such a vile, despicable human being? Barney, we expect more from you...but maybe that is our problem.
I guess the lesson is that power corrupts, no matter who you sad and scary.