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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dollars For The Pentagon, Not Bridges

Here's one of Dan's recent paintings based upon photos taken during our adventures in Japan during the two tours that we enjoyed in that wonderful country. Dan will be exhibiting his paintings next week in the highly respected Pines biennial art exhibit. The date is next Saturday, August 11 during the afternoon hours.

Congress just passed a new Pentagon budget totalling $460 billion dollars. It is estimated that it would take about four times that much to repair the ageing infrastructure of this country - our roads, bridges, etc. We could use a new Roosevelt era-like program to get our infrastructure back into condition, but as was pointed out on one of the Sunday Am talk shows, all of the presidential candidates are internationalists - meaning they are concerned with other foreign affairs primarily. Bush is pushing for a $60 billion dollar arms program for Saudi Arabia, supposedly designed to "stabilize the Middle East.' Yea, sure. Again, our priorities as a nation are out of whack.


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