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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dissappointing: Rudy Giuliani

One of the prettiest plants on our deck this year is this Mandevilla. It likes plenty of sun and lots of water, and rewards extra care with multiple blossoms. This is the first year I've tried this plant in a pot on the deck. Since this specimen has done so well, I'll definitely try one again next year in the same location.

In the news: Rudolph Giuliani continues to backtrack from his support for anything approaching gay marriage or civil unions. The latest comment from Giuliani was in reference to New Hampshire's civil unions law, which he now says is "to close to gay marriage." It's sad that Giuliani feels that he has to distance himself from the gay civil rights struggle in order to secure the Republican Party presidential nomination. But who is going to believe him or trust him when it's so clear that he is pandering. Everyone knows or will know his history as mayor of New York City during which tenure he was gay friendly. He isn't fooling anyone including the right wing Republican "base" that he is so obviously interested in courting. He's just another sorry excuse as a leader who has proven that his most important principle is what good for Rudy. He is NOT presidential material.


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