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Monday, August 27, 2007

Something's Coming

Here are a couple of photos of the center of Point 'O Woods. Bicycles are popular as a means of transport, as can be seen by the number parked outside the tennis courts. In the center of the hamlet there is a store, but your dollars are no good there. All purchases are put on personal accounts, for homeowners only.

The "chatter" on the networks this morning is loud about the war in Iraq, the Iran problem, and the increasing probability of another terrorist attack. Some analysts are suggesting that Bush will soon attack military bases in Iran, and, after Iran retaliates, Bush will then use this as an excuse to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. There is also a lot of talk about the probability of another 9-11 type terrorist attack happening soon. Is this why Karl Rove is so confident that Bush's approval ratings will be much higher a year from now? The American people usually rally behind military action taken against our "adversaries," at least at first, before it sinks in that there are long term problems created by such actions. It does look increasingly likely that something serious will happen between now and the election next year that will serve to rally support for Bush and the Republicans. You can just see it coming. The Democrats are too weak and fragmented to stop it. All we can do it sit by and watch whatever it is develop and hope it's not yet another 9-11 or an Iraq style military misadventure.


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