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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Situation In Iraq Continues To Worsen

From Reuters:

After years in which Sunni Arab insurgents were their main enemies, U.S.
forces now say nearly three quarters of attacks on them come from the country's
newly empowered Shi'ite majority...."We demand the Iraqi government and
parliament stop the Americans interfering in Shula," local tribal elder Sabeeh
al-Sharji said. "As you can see, civilians sleep on the roofs. These random
attacks terrify women and children."

This is the latest news from Baghdad after US forces kill 18 in a raid. The side we're backing in the Iraqi civil war, the "democratically elected" Shi'ites, have turned on us. Meanwhile at home Republican Senator Warner says it's time to start bringing the troops home, the Joint Chiefs are set to insist upon a troop drawdown, and a grim major intelligence report is issued on Iraq.

The wheels have really come off this thing, George.


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