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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Noise Problem In The Grove

Photo: Beachfront homes in Point 'O Woods.

The "Elephant In The Room" here in Cherry Grove is the perennial battle between residents and bars that play loud music sometimes all night long, seemingly, with the tacit approval of the Community Association, which has been loathe to approach the bar owners directly about the issue. Instead, residents bothered by noise late at night have been told to call the police. Some residents who live in the East end of town believe that the noise from one bay front establishment has been ignored for years because the officers of the Association live on the other end of town. Others feel that certain establishments get a pass on excessive noise because they are owned or managed by the the friends of certain factions within the community. So the undeclared war goes on with the Suffolk County Police called in on a regular basis as referees between the two camps who will not talk to each other directly about the problem. The bottom line is that the bar owners and managers could care less about community concerns relative to noise. They probably feel that, since they host charitable fund raisers and employ residents, they have a right to operate as they wish even if the excessive sound late at night creates a public nuisance. This is the way it's gone on here for years. It's too bad that some leadership and common sense has not been brought to bear on the situation. Instead, the police are kept busy responding to nuisance noise complaints.



Dan said...

I think this blog comes down too strongly on the current Community Association, and is filled with too much rumor. Who knows what the bar owners and managers think? Who can prove that some 'establishments get a pass' because they are managed by friends of factions? This is only hearsay.
Many suggestions were made to past Community groups, such as the Property Owners,about noise problems. Some ideas the group tried to implement, though they were usually unsuccessful, chiefly because the Brookhaven town laws on sound seem to be in favor of businesses. I believe the current Association is more willing to engage local politicians about the noise problem. --

Jim Kelly said...

Engaging politicians is fine, but what about engaging the offending businesses directly and asking them to keep it down. Also, why are residents left to act alone as individuals when the Community Association could organize residents into a force for change. A special community association committee on noise, for example, could document complaints lodged with the police and this could then become ammunition for community leaders to us when they have these meetings with local politicians. Simply advising residents to call the police is just simply lame.