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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Congress and Children's Healthcare

My disgust with our government grows even further. Now congress is attempting to tank (as in kill, deep six, nullify) healthcare for Children!


Yep, you heard it. A government by the people for the corporations. The list goes on and on: congress wussed out on creating a paper trail for electronic voting machines.

And the government is getting ready to feed us some puke on how the fake troop rotation (aptly named by Karl Rove "the Surge" which I really believe is a metaphor for the amount of viagara that flows into the Republican Caucus) is working. Please. Let's not fool ourselves into believing our overworked national guard, Marines, Airforce, Army and Navy are"Surging". We're using Iraqis to fight each other. It's going about as well as our fight was going with Viet Nam in 1971. How did that turn out again?

I'm going to go read the daily Kos and Michael Moore's website and believe every last word of both. 1. Because I like both and 2. Because I dislike the other viewpoint as strong as a human possibly can. I can't wait for some of the Hannity's, O'Reilly's and Coulter's of the world to start falling into obscurity. If you want to see how scumbag nutjobs like these guys fall into obscurity, go Google a guy named Charles E. Coughlin.

Hey Bill, can you loofa reality a little more for us?


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