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Friday, June 22, 2007

American Greatness?

The sun filters through the dense tree cover deep within the Sunken Forest on Fire Island. Dan took this photo just a few days ago.

Bush's approval ratings have fallen to 26 percent. He's now down in Nixon territory. Congress' ratings are even worse. The severe damage done to America by Bush both at home and abroad was facilitated by six years of a Republican controlled Congress, and recently a Democratic controlled Congress unable to reign in Bush and Cheney. How serious is the damage? Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan weighs in:

America has exchanged some if its basic freedoms for the patina of phony
security - and so easily. The Republican party, to its historic shame, has been
the main vehicle for the replacement of doubt, empiricism and calm judgment with
certainty, fundamentalism and raw force. We have terrible enemies abroad,
seeking to destroy our way of life. But this truth should never blind us to the
danger within as well. Al Qaeda can only give us death. It is up to us to
surrender the liberty they despise. In so many ways, we already have.

Yet merrily we roll along with our diversions and distractions and with a dozen or so would be presidents running to succeed Bush who represent more of the same with their outright support of the war in Iraq, etc. What hope is there for a return to American greatness?


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