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Monday, June 11, 2007

Kucinich On State Killing

Here's a photo of one of the world's most beautiful settings for a large city. This is Rio, of course. The photo was taken from the deck of our cruise ship as we approached from the North in early March of this year. Rio is beautiful and fun, but it is also dangerous. There is a lot of crime and tourists are warned to take precautions.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich on the death penalty:

Morally, I simply do not believe that we as human beings have the right to "play
God" and take a human life -- especially since our human judgments are fallible
and often wrong...In Congress, I introduced the Federal Death Penalty Abolition
Act of 2003 to establish an end to capital punishment. At the same time,
however, I believe that criminals who take innocent life or commit other
horrific crimes should pay a severe penalty, and that we have a duty to protect
our society from danger. For that reason, I favor life imprisonment without the
possibility of parole as an acceptable moral alternative for the worst and most
violent offenders in our society
Once again, candidate Kucinich gets it right on an issue. I have always felt that the death penalty is barbaric. It lowers us as a society to the least common denominator...when we put people to death we become as bad as that which we abhor.


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