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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cherry Grove's "Ice Palace" Sold?

The entrance ramp to the "Ice Palace," Cherry Grove's large bar-disco-hotel complex. I understand that it has been sold to a local businessman.

In regard to the disposition of the "Top Of The Bay" property, a reader writes:

"tis my understanding that the tob has attracted several commercial interests............and is way beyond the reach of the cash strapped community."

That's good news. As I wrote yesterday, the community will have its hands full maintaining our own community house. Let's hope that a private party steps in to rescue the property before its condition deteriorates further.

I'm "going off" this morning, which is not the same as "getting off" for you non-islanders! I have to get a medical test done, a part of my yearly routine physical. You more mature types are all getting routine physicals, aren't you?


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