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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Candidate For President

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: The only major party candidate who supports full gay marriage rights, a single-payer non-profit healthcare system, and our complete withdrawal from Iraq, including Bush/Cheney contractors and cronies like Halliburton.

Yeah, I know, he can never be elected. That's never stopped me before from supporting a candidate who stands for what's right. "You're throwing your vote away!", I'm told...or, by voting for someone who has no chance you help insure that the "lesser of two evils" loses and the worst candidate is elected. Still, I refuse to vote in this fashion, and if more people simply refused to support "junk" candidates because they feel that they have no other choice, we might actually move toward having a real democracy instead of what we have now...two branches of the same ideological persuasion and no real choice when we get inside the voting booth.

When I taught political science in college, I used to emphasize reforms that could actually democratize our political system, things like moving to proportional representation. There's no reason why we have to accept a system polluted by money and corruption, where you have to be a millionaire or better to have a chance at being elected to most congressional offices. The system is broken and the populace perpetuates the evils by being complicit in voting for the lesser of two evils rather than demanding a choice of candidates, some with principles similar to their own. For many of our citizens, the problem is in their lack of education, but I am constantly surprised at my more educated and savvy friends who argue with me about my refusal to vote for mediocrity. Why not feel really good about supporting and voting for someone for president for a change. It's a life-altering sensation!


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BillP said...


I have to agree with you on the way people get nominated and survive the cuts of other qualified candidates.

Yes, I have seen some very disappoint final outcomes that have been "amazing", specifically, the Presidential Elections of George W. Bush.

Basically, there was a few "hoops" that he had to convince the Supreme Court as well as the Florida Supreme Court that he had them votes against Al Gore. Basically, the election system in Florida is decades behind other areas. You would think that they would have learned their lessons with regular voting and opted to bring in new machines.

I am also a foe of Kathryn Harris, the ex-Secretary of State of Florida. Despite the actions of the Florida Court System, she took the silence as a "go ahead" and the certification of the State of Florida casted their votes to "W" regardless of any and all flaws. (chad).

Then there was a bonified problem in Ohio. However, rather than addressing the problems, they rubber stamped the results and claimed that it was a "BUSH" State. Well, I am still wondering whether they actually had them votes. I guess we will never learn.

Again, the policitians need to get votes, they sway their cronies to keep up their presence in areas where a "snowball's chance in hell" could survive and bring about favorable results.

I am very tired of hearing all this early jockying for 2008. I still haven't pulled anybody to the top of the pile yet, but basically, it will be a "peace loving" individual and not one with relatives that could persuade them to continue another role where they failed to succeed.

Thanks Jim for letting me chime in here.

BILLP, Massachusetts