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Friday, June 8, 2007

One More Bigoted Bush Nominee

Another "star" of the garden at this time of the year is our Peony bush. It's remarkable how this plant dies back to soil level each winter and then returns fuller than ever in the Spring. The first year after I put this plant in it returned but without any blossoms. The second year it had one blossom. Then each year it returned with more and more blossoms. Now I have to stake the entire plant otherwise the heavy, beautifully scented blossoms droop or bend all the way over. It's a delight of Spring.

The blogs are buzzing about Junior Bush's latest fundamentalist Christian nut job nominee, one James Holsinger, who Bush wants to make Surgeon General. Dr. Holsinger, it seems, has a problem with the mechanics of gay male sex. He wrote a paper in 1991 in which he claimed that what we like to do in bed can lead to injury and disease. We're not built to handle insertions of large, pointed objects, or some such, opined Dr. Holsinger. Humm, now it seems I've been testing Dr. Holsinger's theory for about, well, 50 years now, with all sorts of probes. So far I haven't sprung a leak, managed to irretrievably lose anything up there, or come down with anything other than the usual common colds, etc. So you can say that I've done my "empirical research" and on the basis of my findings I'd say Dr. Holsinger resembles that with which he seems to be fixated, namely a rectum, and his theory is mere flatulence. I have a thought: perhaps I could invite the good doctor to my playroom for a little show and tell, and we could do some additional research to help him clarify his thoughts. In any event, I don't think he's ready for prime time as Surgeon General.


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