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Sunday, June 3, 2007

TB Man And The Narcissistic American

I'm getting a late start here this morning. We were out last night at one of the first shows of the season here in Cherry Grove, a benefit for the Pines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS.) PAWS helps with stray animals on Fire Island - capturing loose cats, adoptions, etc. Our friend Valerie organizes this benefit each year and the show features many of the local drag performers. The show is followed by a dessert buffet. The desserts are all donated by residents. It's one of Cherry Grove's signature events.

A friend in Philadelphia sent me an interesting article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. The author made the case that the man who flew back and fourth from Europe with tuberculosis is sort of a poster boy for the narcissistic American, the same selfish American who doesn't care about global warming, conserving energy, etc. I think the author is on to something. In the White House we have ensconced the ultimate figurehead for this sort of American, Junior Bush, who has thumbed his nose at our friends and foes alike. It's sort of like a resurgence of the notion of the Ugly American with Bush Junior as the poster boy for everything that's gone wrong with America.

Photo: the shade garden is looking particularly good these days


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