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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bloomberg And Hillary

Time magazine this week has a cover photo and feature article on New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The article is an interesting read. Could these two republicans, both social liberals, team up to make an independent run for the White House? Warren Buffet seems t0 think so. Buffet even went so far as to research whether or not the Constitution prevents the "Governator" from holding the office of Vice President. His conclusion: Arnold is not prevented from being Vice President, only President. I have mixed feelings about this particular dream team. Bloomberg opposes gay marriage and fought it when it was proposed for New York City. Arnold vetoed gay marriage after the California legislature enacted it, and promises to veto it again when it is passed again this term. It probably doesn't matter in the long run given the difficulty that third party candidates have under our system. As one pundit put it: "If Bloomberg runs all that will do is guarantee the election of Hillary."

On the subject of Hillary, a reader writes:

"You might try to be a little less derogatory about Hilary Clinton; we don't
make fun of Kucinich (though we could).You treat all the Republicans (except
maybe Bush) better than you do Hilary; It's offensive."

A couple of things: first, I have not attacked Hillary personally, and I don't make fun of her. I am critical of her positions, on issues of interest to the gay community and on her refusal to admit that her vote on the Iraq war was a mistake. Second, she is the front runner and the presumptive nominee, at least at this point. She will never improve on these positions unless we hold her feet to the fire. For example, when she and Obama waffled about General Pace's homophobic comment that gays are immoral, it was our outrage that quickly forced both of them to do and say the right thing. Third, Ms. Clinton is tough skinned, and her supporters are going to have to be able to take fire as the months pass toward the election. As I wrote to this reader, I come down harder on her than I do on the Republicans precisely because she should be more on
the side of justice for us than she is. I don't expect very much from the Republicans and so I'm not disappointed. I do expect more from Democrats, and too often I am disappointed. That has got to change if candidates like Hillary expect my support and vote. The brave governor of Massachusetts and the lawmakers who just voted to keep the gay marriage ban off the ballot in that state have shown the courage that we all must demand of Hillary and the other candidates. We will settle f0r nothing less.

Photo: our Burmese cat "Nikko" - at 15 still smart, playful, very vocal and extermely affectionate. Here he is on the bed. "Neek" loves to take naps with his humans.

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