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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Problems with the media

One of the most annoying characteristics of the current media is the way
TV news shows now continually incorporate feature stories that emphasize
celebrities and their lives. On a nationally indicated TV show such as "Today" the lead stories are often not real news, such as international and domestic politics, but rather the latest indiscretion of someone like Paris Hilton. Are such stories really important? Hardly, but the media panders to the lowest denominator of its audience. In a similar manner, a kidnapping, which might be local news, becomes a story that dominates the airwaves for many days. Thus, the dumbing down of the American public continues on a daily basis. One can only assume that TV executives believe that TV viewers have a very limited attention span.

One might ask: why does this matter? Well, if the TV viewing audience is more interested
in the latest celebrity scandal, then that same vast group cares less about the political realities that drown our country in stark realities: President Bush's inexcusable war in Iraq, the problems on the domestic front such as immigration and the take-over by government of formerly protected national wilderness, and such big-business controlled interests as the oil industry.

Ever notice how the lack of education in this country is seldom a concern of politicians on a local or national level? This, too, is because the media could care less. Keeping the general public fixated on celebrity news is one way to control national interests. Surely in this country people vote more by whom they perceive as savvy on TV, rather than on the issues. If not, then how did we reach the lamentable stage of having such an incompetent as George Bush as President?


image: one of my new paintings, this one of the Fire Island Pines

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