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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nativist Senators Kill The Immigration Bill

I've seen a few interesting short videos on the net lately. Did you see the one of the UK rugby team acting up on a Saturday night out drinking spree? Take a look here.

I also enjoyed the video of hunky singer Enrique Iglesias serenading a gay fan at a gay pub in London last Saturday. You can view that one here.

38 Republicans joined 11 Democrats in scuttling the immigration bill that was hammered out by a bi-partisan group of senators over a period of months. The New York Times sums up the aftermath pretty well:

The anti-immigrant hard-core — no amnesty today, no amnesty tomorrow, no
amnesty ever — must not be allowed to hold the nation hostage. Like nativists of generations
past, they think the country is being Latinized, and they fear it. The country is changing,
but the way it always has, absorbing newcomers, shaping and being shaped by
them, inexorably turning them, their children and grandchildren into

Bad-boy Republican right wing fanatic senators were particularly noteworthy for their obstructionism. Jim De Mint, a name that we should recognize as one of the Senate's worst homophobic bigots, said plainly that he was in favor of anything that would kill the bill. He joined two other Republican homophobes, Jeff sessions and John Cornyn, in helping to kill the bill. It may not have been a perfect bill, but it seems like the right wing prefers to do nothing rather than enact anything with humane provisions recognizing that it's people that we're talking about, not "illegals."

Photo: a new addition to our garden this year, a variety of Peace rose.


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