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Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Cool Fire Island Morning

It's a beautiful but cool morning out here on Fire Island. The garden is a delight in June, and one of the highlights are the Bearded Iris. This year mostly the yellow variety is in bloom, although we have black, white, and blue varieties in our Iris patch. I'll have to dig up and divide the rhizomes in the Fall.

My morning routine includes a walk on the beach with Bradley. We usually walk as far as the beginning of the Pines, where an old landmark, the Carrington House, signals that it's time to turn around and head back.

Kucinich on the media:

I believe the people should be involved in the maintenance of their
airwaves, creating public media outlets controlled by community boards
similar to the model of Pacifica Radio. Funding for public broadcasting
channels on television and radio should be greatly expanded, assuring the
existence of media outlets free of the influence of advertisers.
Kucinich, the anti-Bush.


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