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Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Cool Sunday Morning

It's 54 degrees out here on the island this beautiful, crisp Sunday morning. Fall is in the air. Yesterday started out rainy but by afternoon the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. At about 4 Pm I took a long hour and a half walk in the beach with Bradley (my canine companion.) After our walk we both went for a swim. The water is still warm. Actually, it's warmer than the air temperature!

Here is a photo of the "Top Of The Bay," a Grove landmark that has fallen on hard times after the last owners defaulted. Anyone who has visited the Chery Grove regularly will probably have fond memories of the place, of dining upstairs on the deck overlooking the bay, or having one of Sherwood's powerful cocktails at the bar. According to my sources, more than one entrepreneur is prepared to buy it and rehabilitate it immediately. Businesses (shops) could reopen in the structure in 2008. Let's hope that such good things happen soon for Top Of The Bay!

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