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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Late Summer Musings

Spiny Boxfish: photo from the Virtual Museum Of Natural History
The cool weather flannel sheets are on the bed here in Cherry Grove, and none too soon! A cold front has hit the island bringing with it clouds and rain. The ocean is still lovely and warm, sporting the lime green color that signifies warm currents from far away seas to the South. Today I spotted a Spiny Boxfish washed up on the beach. This is a warm water denizen that is well North of its usual habitat. Warm Gulf Stream or Sargasso Sea currents often bring unusual visitors to our barrier island shores. It won't last, though, and these balmy late summer days will soon give way to cool autumnal winds that will bring with them sea currents from colder places. It's time to get in that one last swim. I'm counting the days now until it becomes to chilly to float effortlessly in the briny waters just outside our beach home. Soon it will be time to leave our "Brigadoon By The Sea" until next year.


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