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Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's not that simple....

I keep hearing this offensive dribble about pulling out of Iraq. The favorite line of the current administration as well as our future executives (Hilary, Barack, etc.) is "It's not that simple. We can't just pull out. We have to honor our committments." "We'll have to be there until at least 2013."

Such as? I missed that press conference when we made a solemn oath to the Iraqi people.

Fact is, we didn't. We don't belong there. We should be out tomorrow morning. Not 2 years from now, not 10 years from now. Now. For humanitarian reasons, for fiscal reasons and for common sense. I don't give a shit about a general's opinion; they are in the business of winning wars. They are not policy makers.

We need to shut this off, asap. I don't care about advertisements by political PACs, I care alot about why my tax dollars continue to fund mercenary armies against the will of the very people they are trying to subdue.

What really bothers me is that we have become a "gray America". There's no more right and wrong, black and white, just shades of gray. Gray isn't a bad thing when it means old age and maturity, unfortunately in the case of the United States it means a color between black and white.

Killing people is wrong, it is one of the few things clearly black and white and has been heavily documented by all faiths and societies as such. But in the new Gray America, it's ok to wage war based on a highly tenuous premise to actually protect the cash flow of another country (Saudi Arabia perhaps). We are in Iraq for oil. Sorry, hurting and killing other human beings is still wrong. Always has been and always will be.

Is it wrong to bring order to an area in chaos? Isn't that clearly a good thing? Well, no. First of all because the United States seems to be cherry picking the order and who it delivers from chaos based on strategic importance. If you saw 60 Minutes on 9/23/07 you saw a wonderful new base set up right near Iran. How is that going to deliver order from chaos?

So the Democrats have jumped on the gray bandwagon. Hilary and Barack and John are calling for the gray stuff to be poured all over their first term in office. They may need it to clean up the mess left by 8 years of Republican rule. However I think the gray thinking, the middle of the road thinking, the no right or wrong thinking creates a mess of it's own.

And the neat thing about gray is that it is a mix of black and white which is never "that simple". But voting is and the person that gets us out of Iraq and starts focusing on problems in our country with no alternate corporate agenda will most likely get my vote. Don't vote gray.


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