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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hurricanes: We're Not Out Of The Woods Yet!

Here on Fire Island, everyone has a tale to tell, or I should say re-tell, about the great Hurricane of 1938, the "Long Island Express," that devastated Fire Island (among a lot of other places.) The storm cut through the barrier island creating "breeches" between the ocean and the bay, which left the coast of Long Island in harm's way. In Cherry Grove, the storm washed away most of the houses. So we watch the weather carefully at this time of the year, especially since the experts tell us that we're overdue for the storm of a century. While the last couple of storms this year went the other way into Mexico, that's no guarantee that another storm won't come up the east Coast and directly threaten Fire Island. We've got to be careful because the only way off the island is by ferry boat. If something threatens, we (Dan and I and the pets) have to move early so that we don't get caught in any last minute crush to get off the island. We also have to worry about clogged roads on Long Island, since home is a three hour drive back to Philadelphia.

Here's the latest on the amount of hurricane activity expected for the rest of this year's storm season:

DENVER - Hurricane expert William Gray downgraded his 2007 Atlantic storms
forecast slightly Tuesday, but he still predicted above-average activity for the
rest of the season, with five more hurricanes, two of them major.

Read the rest of the story here.


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