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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"A Thousand Days Hath September"

I'm a Sinatra fan and have been for decades. I enjoy Sinatra songs when I hear them on the radio from time to time, but at this time of the year, in September, I particularly enjoy listening to this 1965 Sinatra /Gordon Jenkins album. As the album notes state about the recording:

"Tonight will not swing. Tonight is for serious."

The songs are mostly ballads full of nostalgia, and Sinatra delivers them with the suave, worldly style of someone who has been around.

"He has lived enough for two lives, and can sing now of September. Of the
bruising days. Of the rouged lips and bourbon times. Of chill winds, of forgotten
ladies who ride in limousines. September can be an attitude or an age or a
wistful reality. For this man, it is a time of love. A time to sing. A thousand
days hath September." - from the album notes written by Stan Cornyn


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