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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Honors For A Special Cherry Grove Resident

PHOTO: The canine football team of Bradley and Cleo on the beach here in Cherry Grove. The dogs really do enjoy the beach.

Last evening in Cherry Grove I went to the "This Is Your Life" tribute to Amelia Migliaccio, a woman who has been active in the community for several decades. MC Dell Harbin read blurbs about Amelia's life in the Grove and various speakers added their stories. The people who spoke while I was there included: The Freedner Twins; Charity (in full drag); RaeDeStefano; Matt Baney; Panzi (not in drag); Lynn Tunderman; and Sal Piro. At one point about half a dozen Suffolk County policemen came on stage including one dressed in a kilt and playing a bagpipe - which they used to do every year at the annual volleyball game. Amelia really has been at the center of a lot of Cherry Grove traditions. She originated the annual community vs. police Volleyball game: she organized the first Cherry Grove gay pride parade; and of course, she was one of the participants in the very first Invasion Of The Pines back in 1976. As one of the speakers noted, Amelia should have been honored a long time ago. The event was free with only a suggested $20 donation to your favorite Grove charity. Afterward there was a buffet and desserts. Congratulations, Amelia!


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