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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Democrats and Iraq

I would absolutely love to see an honest memoir from Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or even Joe Biden after they leave office and are too old to care and just be painfully honest.

After looking at the continuing votes for this craven debacle that George Bush and team has pulled us into, I can only guess at why the Democrats seem to NOT want to reflect the votes of the United States.

So here is why I think the Democrats aren't articulating and Iraq plan:

1) It's admitting a mistake from both parties. And lest we forget, nobody in politics wants to admit a mistake.
2) It's a "win-win" for both sides of the aisle -
GW Makes his monied constituents (Haliburton, Blackwater and the like) happy.
We get to spend more money on military shit to "protect" America (eventhough it is against a
threat our government completely doesn't understand). The expediture is silly.
3) It (the war) distracts us from the real issues at home that aren't getting addressed by either party.
4) It will keep us talking for years and not focused on the failings of the most horrible government in our history.
5) It conveniently keeps 1.2 trillion barrels of oil in the ground and keeps OPEC's prices high and the oil companies (ala Dick Cheney) blindingly profitable. We also fail to even think of seeking alternatives to oil and the like.
6) It diverts the finite terrorist resources of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and the like away from the Israelis (probably not) and focuses them on blowing up our soldiers and innocent Iraqis in markets and homes.

How do I know the war is bullshit? Well, because if Iraq was so goddamned dangerous, how come the Israelis didn't attack it? If Iran is such a threat and we all know they have a great deal to do with Hammas, how come the Israelis haven't attacked them? My guess is because the Israelis have a lower tolerance and fewer resources for quagmires than we do. When a Jew is killed in Israel, when a Christian is killed in Israel, when an Arab is killed in Israel, almost every family has someone that knows the person that killed. Further, every person stays in touch with real current events. They have to, their lives could depend on it.

If we look at the United States, much of the public is still fixated on Brittany Spear's erratic driving behavior or lapping up propaganda ala Fox News. Is it any shock that a few folks think we are idiots? We could chalk up these guilty pleasures to a lack of focus on education, that's another discussion.

And if we wanted to secure our borders and make America so secure, why are we fooling around looking at bottles of perfume in airports? Why can't we hire some of the Mossaad (you know, the Israeli guys that seem to have protected El Al airlines from EVER being highjacked or having a single security problem!) and have them make some recommendations in our country? We've given up far, far too much in the name of security and worse, it is for security that is NOT making us more secure.

See, we already have a Western country in the Middle East that's our friend, they're called Israel. And whether you like them or hate them is irrelevant; the fact of the matter is that the Israelis have crossed every single obstacle and hassle any and all terrorist could have set up and they are still there and they are thriving.

Further, if we continue to look at both the Democrats and Republicans foolish attempt at Democracy relative to what the Israelis have tried, we see something interesting. Or more importantly, a question: With the whole Palestinian rule and Arab governing body; how's that working out? Oh ya, the PLO and Hammas are killing each other. That's in the petry dish that Western Countries (like the US) have set up.

What I am trying to do is tie the lack of Palestinian rule, something the Palestinians have been pining for for many, many years to the potential of Iraqi rule. Now with Shia's killing Shia and Sunni's killing Sunni, I'm sure setting up further Maliki based Petry dish's is really very smart. Think some guys with machine guns yelling pull and twenty petry dishes getting fired out into the air.

If we look at the countries surrounding Iraq, we don't exactly see a font of Democracy. Even our Arab "friends" aren't hubs of Democratic thinking. Thus I have to believe that Iraq will not be the cradle or font of Democracy the US Government/Joe Lieberman/Bill Kristol/Sean Hannity thinks it will be. History dictates (from the past 3000 years) that this area makes Western democracy very difficult in this area. This is especially true for people like our current government that doesn't get the fundamentals of Jeffersonian Democracy.

This leads me to believe something most Americans don't want to deal with. Our government is sucking up to some big companies and is creating a win-win situation for some special interests by essentially flailing in the wind and tossing our armed forces and civilians into a meat grinder. That's the emperor walking around with no clothes. The emperor (ala George Bush and crew) further says to the opposition "well what's your answer for the war on terror"? Further revealing that not only that the emperor has no clothes, he has no opposition to his nudity!

We are back to "why aren't we stopping the flailing mess that is our foreign policy and focus on things that matter to Americans?" Or why aren't the Democrats growing a pair of nuts before another corporate psychopath gets elected?

Again, those damn memoirs sure will be interesting. My guess is that the Dems are trying to give our naked emperor just enough rope to hang himself. It seemed to work with Congress in the last set of elections so why wouldn't it work again? Well, it hasn't really worked because there's a whole bunch of dead people in Iraq and the like. And it's setting the stage for some new politicians to enter the theatre. One's that will continue to have all the answers and not even ask the questions.

But for now, all I can say is that my Democratic congressman will continue to get letters from me. Letters that will focus on getting rid of No Child Left Behind, healthcare reform (IE prescription drugs from Canada) and pulling some of the money away from Iraq spending and putting it into places like Social Security. Just a thought.


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