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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What is a Vegan.

Here's Mathew Lush, the "gay god" of My Space and YouTube, explaining what a"Vegan " is. Who is Matthew Lush, the "gay god?" Apparently, he's a real popular fellow on the internet. Google "gay god" or "Matthew Lush" and you'll get more information than you can imagine about him.

Now, I tried being a vegetarian for a while. I ate a lot of cheese, overdosed on calcium, and got a kidney stone, so Matthew is right - you have to be careful when you try this kind of diet. I do share his concern for animals. I do believe that it is unethical to kill them for food or sport. I don't eat any red meats, and I try not to eat much poultry. I do eat seafood. I try not to buy products made from animals, like leather coats, etc. I do what I can. It's tough to not consume animals when you live in a society that is so oriented toward killing and cooking. So, I admire Matthew for becoming a Vegan for ethical reasons.


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