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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sand Castles And The Future

7:00 AM: In the news this morning: World Bank President and Bush crony Paul Wolfowitz wants to cut a a deal that would absolve him of wrongdoing over the sweet deal he gave his girlfriend at that bank - this BEFORE he resigns. Only in Bushworld do people like Wolfowitz and Gonzales behave as though they can do anything they want and it doesn't matter, even if it's wrong and they get caught at it.

Here's a picture of a great sand castle that Bradley and I came across on the beach a few days ago. It may have been constructed by some high school kids from Long Island. This time of the year students make senior trips - sometimes to the beach. It was marked "Commack H.S."

Another of the joys of living out here on Fire Island is that I can listen to my favorite FM radio station anywhere: FM 91.9, WSHR. WSHR is operated by Sachem High School located in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, which is on Long Island. The school is quite large with about 15,000 students. The radio station plays an eclectic mix of jazz, oldies and youth-oriented hard rock that you don't hear on the usual NY rock stations. At times the students themselves are the disc jockeys and it's invigorating to listen to their youthful on-air exuberance. Listening to these kids gives me hope for the future.


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