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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Official Anti-Gay Discrimination Continues!

The New York Times is reporting that the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) is continuing the ban on gay men donating blood. This is in spite of calls as long as a year ago from the American Red Cross and two other agencies for the ban to be lifted. The FDA claims they are not being discriminatory against gay men, but then what is it? All blood is tested and anyone can lie. This policy, instituted in 1983, is a remnant of Reagan era anti-gay policies and should be jettisoned immediately. Click on the title of this blog entry, go to the FDA web site and tell them to stop discriminating against gay men!

Big oil is now saying that gas prices will go higher as a result of the push for bio-fuels. "Why should they invest in more refining capacity if we're moving to alternative fuels," they ask. Why indeed! Let's keep their profits high at all costs to the American public. As I said yesterday, we will all have to pay much more for non-renewable energy. However, the profits should not go to the oil companies, rather, the money should be used to improve our overall energy independence picture.

Oh yes, and it's now becoming clear that as many as 200,000 U.S. troops may be sent to Iraq by the end of the year in what some (Condi Rice) are calling an "augmentation" of the "Surge." Junior Bush knows that he can do whatever he wants in Iraq and that the Congress and indeed, the American people, cannot stop him. I wonder if future generations will look back upon this time and wonder why the American people went along with Bush, just as we wonder why the German people allowed Hitler's atrocities. Will we be thought of as "Good Americans?"

In the news: Mary Cheney had her baby. The official White House photo is released showing VP Cheney and wife holding the baby. No where to be found: a picture of Mary and her partner of 15 years with the baby. I find this disgusting. I wish the baby all the best in life, but Mary Cheney ought to be ashamed of herself.

Photo: Bradley romps by a tidal pool


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The Homeschool and Etc. Blog said...

Hello, Jim Kelly and Friends! I found your blog by hitting the "next blog" button. How are ya?

I am a conservative Christian, but I *do* agree that the ban on gay men giving blood is not very rational in the way it's worked out presently. One homosexual encounter with another man would result in a lifetime ban. I can see a ban for heterosexuals and self-proclaimed gay folks for an equal period after high-risk behaviour. But to be fair you could be a virgin and marry a woman or man with a disease and you probably won't be aware of it.

I haven't seen any of the photos of Mary Cheney and her baby. I agree she should be ashamed of herself but I think that in some ways she is vilified in the press. I think heterosexual couples having children out of marriage are just too commonplace to pick on in the media. It's a shame, but it's hardly surprising.

Bless you :]

Mrs. C