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Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, Monday

7:00 AM: In the news this bright, sunny Monday morning: Hillary Clinton is beginning to pull ahead of Barak Obama in key states. Her husband and former president Bill Clinton will play a more public role in her campaign. Obama needs to add substance to his campaign. Obama says he'll roll back Junior's tax cuts on the very wealthy. A Taliban leader is killed in Afghanistan. Oh, and 124 people are killed in Iraq over the weekend with the worst incident occurring in Kurdish controlled northern Iraq. I knew we were not going to be able to get started this morning without some additional horrible news from Iraq. Yesterday, Senator McCain was asked why he has persisted in his support of the war given the fact that the U.S. Congress AND the Iraqi Parliament have voted in favor of timetables for a U.S. withdrawal. His answer, because I know better. So much for democracy. Gas prices continue to rise with prices approaching $4.00 a gallon in some areas. U.S. automaker Chrysler is being acquired by a financial group that specializes in fixing troubled companies. To this we've come - the U.S. auto industry is in serious trouble. Finally, be sure to add a $0.02 cent stamp to that $0.39 cent stamp you have in your drawer, because postage rates go up today.

Out here on Fire Island it was a beautiful weekend. Sunday was almost like a summer day at the beach. The wind was out of the North, so temperatures on the island were relatively warm. I saw people sunbathing in the nude on the beach for the first time this season, and someone actually went swimming in the ocean, although water temperatures are still a bit chilly for most of us. Bradley went swimming, but he's been "in" since April!

Photo: red fox cub taking a late afternoon snooze just outside his den.


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BillP said...

Hell Jim..

First off, I want to apologize for the first line of my post for the item Titled "Iran.. C"

You have been keeping up with current events and I want your readers to know that I made a faux pas. (Blushes)

I am a bit concerned who is going to make it to the end in the Democratic Party. Hilary Clinton would be a good "First Woman President" in my book. We have tried before to put women in the top spots and they were all quickly "names in the news" by the time the election was held. I am happy for Nancy Pelosi in her new job. It is not all a strict "Gentlemen's Club" in the Capitol now. :)

I know the American public, and it really gets my blood pressure going about how the media keeps digging to discredit candidates by something that happened in their youth. Gee, Junior was arrested for DUI. Didn't gong him. Some husband slaps his wife for a foul mouthed comment, it's news! Flashes in the pan like Ross Perot from Texas come and go, with little other than some recognition and totally messing up the election results..... :(

Mitt Romney does not believe in Gay Marriage and did everything in his power to try and overrule the Massachusetts SJC to overturn their ruling. Didn't happen. He also demanded that the Massachusetts State Legislature vote on a Marriage Bill. They held their guns, and didn't vote, or meet to discuss it within the necessary time frame. Seems Mitt has a few major issues (Stem Cells, his Morman values and a few others that I forget at this writing.... and the media will be coming forth soon how he flipped/flopped back and forth across the issues.

Barrack Osama... Well, we hear a lot of African Americans tooting his horn. He does have some good issues to discuss and try and rectify if he gets elected. However, there is a few issues that he needs to come clear on before he gets my vote.

The War in Iraq will be an issue. The American people want to see come to a quick resolution. Whether we are there for oil or some frivolous thoughts of WMD, however we need to get the military out of there and let the Iraqis solve their own problems without help from Iran, Israel, or Saudi Arabia trying to broker the Peace Accord.

If anyone should be a good allie, it should be Jordan. I think their ruler would be a great mediator and broker.

Yes, Gas prices are skyrocketing. I still don't understand why they can't cap the price to $55.00 a barrel. But I am only one person. Wall Street should be trying to broker lower prices, rather than keep jumping them up.

Chrysler. Well, there is a little story about Chrysler. Lee Iacocca never should have retired. The joining of Daimer to Chrysler was a wrong move. Yes, Mercedes are driven in the U.S.A, but feel they should have kept it to separate entities so that Europe could enjoy the Mercedes with International shipping and Chrysler could enjoy selling GM models less than $20,000.00.

Cars in America have skyrocketed beyond belief. Everybody who wants one goes in for a new shiny model, thus causing financial difficulties in the long run they either lost the house, the car, or the job and what next?

Ah... my favorite subject... The U.S. Postal Service. LOL!

Well, they say they are a separate entity of the U.S. Government, but need the government's backing to pay these workers.

Well, judging by their hours available to the general public, the constant changes of forms to produce a "satisfactory experience" mailing a letter or parcel at their office... after waiting for some individual to mail 40 small packages... :{ I shake my head negatively as it is just the federal government bureaucratic jargon.... that the U.S. Postal Service uses...

What is the $0.02 charge used for, more fuel?

Enjoy your walks on Fire Island and the fox cubs while you can. Sooner or later they will grow and be rattling your garbage cans at 2am and wake the dog and the whole house will be losing sleep. :(

Talk to you soon. BILLP