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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cherry Grove, Our Summer Home

Here are a couple additional shots of the Cherry Grove downtown commercial area. The recently built "Island Breeze" restaurant overlooks the Great South Bay and, by all accounts, is serving tasty food, much improved this season. This restaurant sits on the site of the old "Michael's," which many of us still miss very much. The proprietor of "Michael's," "Rocky," was a kind man who, along with his family, ran a friendly restaurant that was a social hub in the Grove for many years. "Pasta Night" was my favorite night to go to "Michael's." We'll also never forget the wonderful end of the season parties that Rocky always had "on the house" with the entire community invited, usually at the end of October. Rocky died a year or two ago but he's still in the thoughts of many.

"Floyd's," named after Bret's dog Floyd, is a busy breakfast and lunch venue with outdoor tables and counter. It's a great vantage point to do some serious people-watching.


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