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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rev Al vs. Mitt

8:30 AM: So, did Rev. Al Sharpton really imply that Mormon Mitt is godless? I think the Rev. knows that Mormons believe in God. Maybe Rev. Al was confused by all of the Mittster's flip-flops. First, he's pro-choice, then he's anti-abortion. First, he's in favor of gay rights, now he's against those godless gays. Gosh, it's enough to keep your head spinning! Is Mitt godless, or is it the godless gays, I dunno.

This morning's other big news story concerns the "moderate" Republicans who went up to the palace, er, I mean, the White House yesterday to tell his majesty that he's lost all credibility, even with them. Poor little King George.

Photo: Linderhof castle in Bavaria. I took this photo in 1987. Dan and I did a driving tour of the area. More castles to follow!

12 Noon: Bradley and I had a nice walk to the Pines this morning. It's foggy and mysterious on the island today. In the Pines I was glad to see that construction of the new Pavillion complex is progressing nicely. You can now walk past the new structure and continue on to the Pantry. Also, "Bay Bar" is open with new cutie Mike serving AM coffee!

Tony Blair has resigned saying "Ten years is enough." I suppose so. Luckily, we won't have to endure 10 years of his buddy Bush Junior.


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