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Friday, May 25, 2007

Town Services - Finally!

Here's a shot of workers from the Town Of Brookhaven Highway Department at work replacing one of several sets of steps to the beach that we lost when a Nor'easter hit in April. In past years, the community has footed the bill and paid to replace lost beach access stairways. I could never understand why we had to replace our own steps while in other communities the towns replaced them. I'm glad to see that the steps will be in place in time for the holiday weekend. I wonder what went on behind the scenes this year that resulted in the town actually doing what it is supposed to do: repair and replace the walks and stairways.

You have to love Michael Moore. He's out there exposing the worst excesses of the Bush Administration and highlighting U.S. societal ills. His latest film, to be released in June, focuses on our third world level health care system. Watch the trailer:

Our health care is 37th in the world behind Slovenia! Great.


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Larry Lane said...

While I have not heard anything officially, I would like to believe that the countless meetings, phone calls, e-mails, and letters with the Town of Brookhaven along with most of our political officials at the Town, County and State level has something to do with this.
Best regards, Larry Lane - Cherry Grove Property Owners Association (CGPOA) President