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Friday, May 4, 2007

Your Garden Variety Conservative... NOT compassionate.

6:30 AM: Just consider this for a moment: if conservatives have to specifically preface their description of themselves as "compassionate," isn't that an acknowledgement of the fact that ordinary conservatives are not compassionate? Junior Bush claimed to be a "compassionate conservative" when he was running for president. How hollow that description turned out to be. What has he done that is "compassionate?" He could could care less about the needy and the poor, for example.

The Republican news conference (debate): "Compassionate conservative" Tommy Thompson said it was OK for employers to fire gay people simply because they are gay. How nice.

All but one of the GOP presidential candidates are ready to end a woman's right to choose. These "compassionate conservatives" are ready to thrust women back into the days of illegal abortions and backroom butchers.

Some of the nuttier Republicans want to end progressive taxation all together with a flat tax, which is just about the most regressive form of taxation imaginable. Yeah, real compassionate.

Yes, it was a warm and fuzzy, feel good party for the Republican extreme right wing in St. Reagan's presidential library.

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