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Friday, May 4, 2007

National Priorities Project

If you haven't seen one of these tickers yet, I'd urge you to go take a look. At this point it seems like the debacle of the current war in Iraq is obvious. It's silly and we shouldn't be there. There's really no arguing it for a whole bunch of reasons.

But when you go check out this ticker, even if you are part of the monied elite that still somehow supports the Bush Administration, it changes your opinion.

See how many teachers or hot lunches could be bought and paid for with this money instead of policing the streets of a foreign country to protect someone else's profits. Come on folks, get on the horn to YOUR representative and let them know we don't support this war.

I support:
Police in our community
Fire and Rescue workers in our community
People that maintain our infrastructure
Teachers and educators in every community
Every street cleaner and snow plow operator in our community

There are billions of dollars here that can't even be accounted for starting with the first Provisional Authority and continuing even now.

I bet you'd change your opinion of the war if you couldn't pull your car out of the driveway on a cold winter morning.


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