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Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

There's nothing like the beach on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!

The Arts Project of Cherry Grove (APCG) has their annual Memorial Day season opening party and selection of the Cherry grove Homecoming Queen event each year during the Memorial Day weekend. There were four contestants for Homecoming Queen this year...and the winner is Lola Galore!

Event co-hosts Bella and Panzi whooped it up!

2006 retiring Homecoming Queen CoCo Love poses with her successor.

A reader asks why I mentioned (unfavorably) Ellen DeGeneres in my critique of Mary Cheney yesterday. The word is that Ellen agreed to keep her mouth shut about gay issues as a component of her TV contract. Watching her show in recent years, it's like she no longer has a sexual orientation of any sort, she's become a neutral. This, after her ground breaking coming out on her sitcom, is, to say the least, a great disappointment to me. She could be a such powerful voice for social justice. I'm much happier with Rosie O'Donnell, who continues to publicly fight the good fight against the right wing.

Here's a dangerous situation on the beach here in Cherry Grove. I hope someone is not injured before the town highway department corrects this.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Dan.
Joseph in Philly