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Friday, May 18, 2007

What Conservatism Has Become

11: 30 Am: I don't agree with Andrew Sullivan on very much, but he has been on the right track in criticizing the conservative movement, or at least what that movement has become under people like George Bush. One of Sullivan's readers sent in the following scathing indictment of conservatism:

What American 'conservatism' has become fits closely within the definition of
fascism: an intensely nationalist movement intent on defining membership in the
'nation' on linguistic, religious, and (increasingly) ethnic/racial criteria,
accompanied by an unquestioning loyalty to (male) authority, enshrined in family leaders, business leaders, religious leaders, and especially, the leader
of the nation, who is seen as embodying the Nation. Loyalty to the Party or
Movement and its ideology is of great importance. Violence is the preferred
means of accomplishing goals. Diplomacy, compromise, negotiation, are all
identified with (feminine) weakness. The rule of law is also despised, because
it lacks the immediacy of (violent) action, and its emphasis on balance and
its concern with proper procedure is also seen as a sign of (feminine) weakness.

Read more Andrew Sullivan here.


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