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Saturday, May 5, 2007

What Bush Has Wrought In Iraq

7:00 AM: The media is currently reporting on the study that finds great psychological damage being done to our troops in Iraq as a result of combat operations. Overly long tours and hasty redeployments are stressing out the troops. This is also resulting is a collapse of battlefield ethics, a nice way of saying that atrocities are being committed by our troops against innocent Iraqis.

I'm sure that the troops that fought in WWII were stressed too. The major difference that is not being highlighted in all of this that they KNEW they were fighting a just war. We had been attacked, Hitler was a monster, and the American people were 150 percent behind the war effort.

Iraq is not a just war, it is a war of choice. We were not attacked by Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had no connection to September 11. The American people were fed a false bill of goods, lied to about the need for the war, and they no longer support it. This has to have a terrible effect on the troops. If you could ask a serviceman or service woman fighting in Europe in 1944 why they were fighting, they could respond that they were fighting to preserve our way of life in the face of an evil enemy. Our troops in Iraq today overwhelmingly respond to this question by stating that the reason they are fighting is to protect their buddies. There is no lofty purpose or goal in the minds of our fighting men and women. No wonder the are stressed. We need to get our troops out of there immediately, before we destroy our military and create any more psychological walking wounded.

Photo: French Angelfish, St. Croix

I'm off the New York City today to enjoy an opera performance at the Metropolitan opera with my S.O.


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