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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

You Voted for What?

Score yet another victory for the scumbag lobbyists from the drug industry.

The Senate shot down a vote to import drugs from other countries under the guise of "we're keeping America safe".

Never mind that the rest of the Western world doesn't pay exhorbitant prices and still gets the same drugs, we seem to know something they don't know.

Look, I'm not going to couch my editorials in anything other than facts. Yep, what I write is opinion however since I live in a fact based reality, the conclusions I draw come from hard data.

In this case, what I am encouraging everyone to do is go out to and signup up for how your elected officials are voting. They have this thing called a weekly vote monitor. It will email you how your elected officials are voting. Since Congress doesn't seem to want to curb the scumbag lobbyists from influencing our elected officials, we need to watch how our elected officials vote. We should:

1) Tell them when they are NOT voting in our interests.
2) Tell them when the issue they are addressing doesn't answer the whole question or even part of it.
3) Tell them how they should be voting.

I am really tired of elected officials pretending they are a daddy figure. I see it all the time in how they communicate with the public. They talk down to common citizens as if they were the epitome of higher reasoning and innovation. They were elected so they think we bought their opinions, their thinking and their views hook, line and sinker. Except I don't remember my Father taking money from a lobbyist so I could buy inflated athsma and diabetes medication. Matter of fact, he was one of those middle class guys that got up at 6 am and got home at 7 pm every day so his kids could afford a good school and good doctors when they got sick.

Our elected officials need to reflect the needs and focus and vision of their constituents, not just their own agenda. I don't really care anymore what party they belong to or their affiliations or any of that other stuff. It's irrelevant.

What' is relevant is that when they vote in the clouded interest of some shady lobbyist (such as 49 Senators just did in the case of drug imports) we should send them packing. The drug prices in this country are outrageous and they are that way because the drug companies have lobbied the government with success. And we are all paying for it. Take the first step: go watch and see how your elected officials are voting on the issues that matter to you.


PS What does this picture represent? Well, a bullmarket or the "Wall Street bull" tends to represent the bottom line. I thought it prophetic that while one tourist is riding the bull, another is endeavoring to insert his head up it's rear (or at least seems to be pondering it). It seemed like a good metaphor for how big business is working our government.

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Jim Kelly said...

Excellent post. Democracy is supposed to be interactive, not top down.