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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Coming out as a liberal....

I'd like to thank Jim for having me on his wonderful blog. I do enjoy reading his prose, regardless of whether it has to do with trains or debunking the ugly underbelly of the right wing (as Rachel Maddow puts it on Air America).

I figured it was about time I stop wasting time listening to the gibberati and Right Wing Propaganda machine and put my money where my mouth is. I'm not semi-conservative or sort of conservative or any of that other crap. I didn't vote for Reagan, I didn't vote for G Bush I or G Bush II or any of the other king makers that masquerade as politicians.

Thus I am a die hard liberal. Sorry, no two ways about it. A little about me before I start the discussion on Jim's Blog:

I have a degree in Economics from a good New York University (and no, it isn't NYU).
I was born in Detroit in the 60's. Not outside Detroit, not near Detroit, in Detroit in the middle of the 60's.
I've been to the Middle East for prolonged periods of time including Israel, Egypt and Lebanon.
I have worked for some of the largest companies in the world and for some of the most successful people in the world in NYC.

With that said, I sound like an ideal Republican. I'm not. I think too much. I'm too interested in history and I have a bullshit sensor that goes off whenever I hear right wing bloviating. It usually is factually inaccurate, racked with inconsistency and incoherent grammar.

Oh yes, I am also a die hard train nuts (toy and the real thing).

If you want to see train stuff, Jim has a website with wonderful train related articles and pictures. For this site, I am going to stay focused on what has to be a trend of one of the most egregious abuses of our democracy since Watergate. The manipulation actually started well before Watergate. It isn't some lofty conspiracy (by the way), all of the articles, documentation and manipulation of opionion, voting and public policy has a paper trail two miles long and three miles wide.

It's probably the reason people like me and Jim Kelly have gravitated to the left. We tend to side with what the framers of our Constitution had in mind for our country and our future. If we are ever to evolve as a race of beings, history says that we have to get back on the track of reasoning, learning and teaching. But I'll save that for some of my articles.

What about Ann Coulter and Rush and Bill and Sean Hannity? How about Imus? Will I attack them? No. They are what I refer to "irritainment". They are mouthpieces. Nothing more. They are well paid hacks designed to appeal to a base. Their arguements and discussions gravitate to the 8th grade reading level and usually end in some kind of racial or personal attack. They are actually entertainment intended to indoctrinate. See them for what they are. I'll ask you this: has any one of them won a Pulitzer prize for literature? Has any one of them done anything that would be recognized by journalists as good work? I've already dedicated too much thought to this. I'll do my best to avoid discussing them in the future.

Thank you again Jim and Dan for the opportunity to write and more importantly to be heard.


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Jim Kelly said...

Great opening post, Marc! Keep 'em coming! More! More! Encore!