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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

7:00 AM: Bush throws a "white tie" dinner for the Queen complete with all the trimmings, while the governor of Kansas attempts to deal with the aftermath of a disastrous storm without the national guard resources that Bush has squandered on Iraq. Bush's 200 year verbal gaff was telling. This is indeed reminiscent of 200+ years ago - in France. Will heads soon roll?

On education, one reader wrote: "So long as we fund education with property taxes, no underprivileged child will ever get an equal (or even decent) education. (And that is probably the most fundamentally unfair public policy we allow.") So, what's the answer? Where does the money come from for education? Maybe if we funded the war from property taxes and education from income taxes, the public would finally rise up and demand an end to the war.


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